How To Keep Your New Customers Happy

Customer satisfaction is a very important element of a sales funnel. This is especially important when it comes to new customers since these shoppers will not be likely to make another purchase if they did not have a positive experience the first time. Here is how you can keep your new customers happy.

business ideaStart by setting some clear standards for the kind of experience you want to provide your customers with. You should have a mission statement on your website that explains these standards and should make it clear that you are willing to work on resolving any issues your customers might encounter.

Make it easy for new customers to get in touch with you. Some people might want to communicate with you via email or talk to you on the phone to make sure they can trust you before making a purchase. Give people different options to contact you and try getting back in touch with customers in a timely manner.

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Make your new customers feel appreciated by thanking them for their purchase. You can easily set up automated emails to confirm a purchase and keep the customer updated on their order besides thanking them for choosing your brand.

You can keep your new customers happy by providing them with exclusive offers. Discounts and coupon codes that are available only to first time shoppers are actually a great way to boost your sales.

Always use a human voice when interacting with your new customers, whether you are writing something for your site or blog or interacting with a customer via email. People like knowing that there is a human behind a brand or a product and will have a better experience if you use a human voice.

Use surveys and encourage new customers to visit this page for feedback with you to get a better idea of how you are doing. Keep in mind that the best way to keep your customers happy depends on the target audience and on their expectations.


How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back Time and Time Again

If you run a small business, then you know that it is important to keep your customers coming back for repeat visits. It is easier to get one customer to come back than it is to attract a new customer, and the more repeat visitors you have the more likely you are to get word of mouth marketing from them.

business ideasCreating loyal customers is an important part of running a small business that is successful, but how can you keep your customers coming back? Well, it’s all in the relationship that you develop with them.

Modern customers like to feel like they have a relationship with the brands that they are buying from. They want to feel like a valued customer, otherwise they will look for another brand that is more accessible. Most industries are saturated now. It is hard to compete on quality or price, so service – the human touch – is the biggest factor.

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Simple things can make a big difference to customer retention. When you sell major products, do you offer consumables to accompany them? When you get a customer signed up for monthly billing, do you give them value-added extras throughout the year? If someone makes a one-of purchase, do you offer them vouchers or discounts on future purchases if you don’t hear from them for a while?

These are all things that will work to help impress your customers, and find more information here.

Good social media management is also important if you want to reach as many people as possible, and keep them loyal to you. Social media is a good tool for putting forward a positive image of your brand. It can help you to reach more people, and to engage with them in a positive way. It can be used for customer service, collecting feedback, and rewarding people who are loyal to your brand.

Choose someone to be the face of your company. Let that person represent you online and in most of your literature and mailouts (both email and post). Pick someone who is approachable, responsible and articulate, and let them be the person that your customers build a relationship with. That person could be you, a business partner, or a person from your PR firm. Whoever you choose, keep them in the role fr a long time, because continuity matters.